Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Do I Know That Barack Obama Lost His American Flag Lapel Pin?

This is my question to the media. Why do I know that Barack Obama lost his American flag lapel pin? What could possibly be the reason for airing this piece of trivia? I’ve seen seven candidates speak in New Hampshire. Every one of them has discussed health care, but I have seen no reporting on the content of the candidate’s health care plans on the major news networks. Yet at least twice Senator Obama’s lapel pin has been discussed. What in the world are news organizations thinking?

The three cable news networks are terribly disappointing. They love espousing their slogans, ‘The most trusted name in news,’ or ‘Fair and balanced’ and then they run one commentary show after the next. Certainly there is a place for shows like these hosted by Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Rielly, and Chris Matthews. All I ask is that they call a spade a spade. These aren’t news shows these are opinion shows that use news clips and selective reporting to prove their points. Where has objective reporting gone? I’m certain there are good reporters out there; where are they and why aren’t they allowed to report on issues and content? I know that if I go to a campaign event up here in New Hampshire and a candidate trips, fumbles their words, or is confronted by a demonstrator it will likely make the news. I also know that no matter how brilliant a speech, how thoughtful a plan, or how insightful a candidate is, that content will never air nationally.

There are numerous important issues to report on in this race, and the only thing that consistently gets airtime is the race itself and daily poll numbers. The press is acting as an odds maker and forgotten that their job is to report. Please media, deliver your viewers some substance. I don’t care if retired men prefer one candidate, and soccer moms prefer another. Try telling us about the candidate’s record and platform. Don’t leave us with only C-SPAN as a reliable news source. Last I checked we’re preparing to vote in 2008, not gamble on a horserace.


maya123 said...

its ok if he lost it everyone makes mistakes the media dont have to record everything he does we know he loves america and pepole say he isnt ready for to be president but its all the media it dont matter by age and whos the oldest b-cuz the oldest know more thats untrue dont listen to everything you see its called detecting bias if you didnt know

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