Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meeting the Senators

My sister sent me a picture the other day of her and Senator Clinton. She had been taking pictures with a cell phone and was up close to take a picture of a friend and the Senator when the screen went black. Senator Clinton reached over took the camera phone, handed off to an aid who took that picture and then took the picture of my sister and the Senator. As she explained, ‘That’s why my face was so red…. there goes my cabinet seat.’

It’s very rare that I can one up my sister, but I took a good shot at it last night. I’ve wanted to introduce myself to Senator McCain, but didn’t have anything specific to say so had not bothered taking up his time. Last night though I thought that I would say hello and mention that I appreciated his remarks about not making personal attacks against other candidates (specifically Senator Clinton). So I waited in line, got to the front of the line, shook the Senators hand, he said ‘It’s good to see you,’ and I completely blanked. I barely got out ‘Hi’ then just stood there. Even if he could have read my mind, he would have just heard birds chirping, there was no thought what so ever. Anyway, as I mentioned to my sister, her candidate may think she has trouble working a camera, but my candidate may think I have an impediment.


Brad Marston said...

LOL...I know how you felt. Not to worry. Being in NH, you'll probably have another 10 opportunities to say hello to the Senator.

You can imagine how I felt, being offered a seat on the bus, with about 2 minutes notice. Luckily Senator Rudman certainly likes to talk.

kmorrison said...

My sister mentioned candidates are probably used to that happening, but I certainly didn't feel like the sharpest tool in the shed afterwards. I'd bet bus could be fun and intimidating all at the same time.

pathickey said...

I generally shy away from accountants - 'Mr. Hickey this almost appears to be exactly like a checking account - life like in it's activity, but indicative of an impending doom.'

Great site, Morrison! McCain is well served by your bean-counting accuracy, but more so by the great heart evident in your prose!

Brad, well done to you as well for sherpherding the talent into John McCain's pen!

kmorrison said...

Thanks Pat.

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Hello Pat. What a great privilege it is to meet the senators. You're so blessed.