Monday, December 31, 2007

We’re Not Really Going to Stick The Senator In The Closet Are We?

Yesterday a huge number of volunteers from around the state and the country gathered at the McCain Manchester office for a talk given by a number of campaign officials, and which ended with a visit from Senator McCain. Before the meeting I had been out back helping make a couple signs, and by the time the meeting started the only room left was in the hallway where you could hear, but not really see. Several people gave talks then Senator McCain arrived, discussed the election, thanked everyone, the meeting ended and I headed back to my signs. Several minutes later Senator and Mrs. McCain headed through the back of the office. They were with a few people, and appeared to be looking for something. As they went by one office someone said, ‘It doesn’t have a door, lets go over here,’ and headed for the storage closet. Like a lot of storage closets, it’s packed full of clutter, signs, stickers, pins, paint, etc. As they headed towards the closet, a volunteer who films most of his events said, ‘The closet? We’re not really going to stick the Senator in the closet are we?’ They did. A minute or so later he came out, a fellow who was with him came back over to where a number of us were standing. He was holding a recording device. Apparently Senator McCain had just recorded a message for a family member of his. He said, ‘I feel bad.’ Someone asked why, and he said, ‘We keep asking things of him. Can I take your picture? Can you make a phone call? Can you sign my shoe? Can you stand on one leg? I supposed now’s the time to do it. On January 9th our carriage is going to turn back into a pumpkin.’ During this I was talking with a woman who I’ve volunteered with previously and who has known the Senator for years. She handed me her camera and I took a picture of her with Senator and Mrs. McCain. Then she introduced me to the two of them, which was a thrill. The crowd moved on by and I headed back to my signs.

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