Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tips for Town Hall Attendees

I went to a McCain Town Hall Meeting this weekend and realized that some people attending could use guidelines to follow. Starting with an easy one, don’t come drunk. Even if you love the candidate randomly blurting out your support probably isn’t the best way to show it, and when you sober up you may wish you could take some of your remarks back. Second, keep questions and comments brief. Try not to ramble and tell everyone your life story before asking a question, and try not to kiss up too much. It’s often sweet and endearing when someone states how he or she admires or respects a candidate, but launching into a speech detailing of all the reason for your love isn’t necessary. The lesson I learned from the other night was don’t sit in front of the press if you wear glasses, particularly when the room is dark. Every flash that goes off reflects back into your eyes, and while you can still hear the Senator seeing him becomes a challenge. Finally, I tip my hat to Senator McCain and all the other candidates that take drunken supporters, rambling questions, inappropriate remarks, and assorted craziness all in stride.


Brad Marston said...

Tips for Town Halls...Too bad one attendee was Typsy...Did you make the Amherst Townhall last night?

I was in Manchester Tuesday making calls and we expected standing room only.

kmorrison said...

I didn't make it to the Mccain events this weekend, but I'll try to catch him next time.